Personal Learning Network

I believe that PLNs are great and the collaboration you get from people all over the world is priceless.  Through these different learning communities I can expand my knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of educations.

Since there are many different ways to build one’s PLNs, I am going to focus on three applications that are helpful to me.

  1. Social Bookmarking: This allows me to have one specific site to go to so that I can retrieve bookmarked sites.  Now, I don’t have to remember sites I like or keep a running list of educational websites with my personal sites.  Here is the link to my social bookmarking page:
  2. Blogs: Through blogs I can read what other educators and other professionals have to say about specific topics.  There often have helpful advice and they provide information based on experience.
  3. Ning: Ning (as well as Wikis) allow you to become part of an online community specific to your profession.  I found that Ning allows me to interact with other education professional in a control website.  From what I’ve seen the people are helpful and can offer advice and knowledge.  I have joined as a Ning.  I joined the other day and am waiting to be accepted into the site.



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