Alternatives to PowerPoint

I chose to use Prezi for my PowerPoint alternative.  I did some research and visited many different sites, but I found this one to be the most user friendly for the needs of this assignment.  I also signed up for as well because it had more of an elementary school vibe.  As an elementary school teacher, I think that the site might be better and more user friendly for my students.  I truly enjoyed using Prezi and I will use this more often then PowerPoint. The graphics and images seemed to be more engaging for students.

As for my students, I believe that the students can express themselves differently through these non-PowerPoint sites.  Allowing students to use these sites will allow them to show understanding of the subject as well as share with other classmates and keep their attention.

I do believe that I will use non-PowerPoint sites as often, if not more so, as I do PowerPoint.

Here is a link to a non-PowerPoint presentation I did about the Lewis and Clark expedition. I encourage you to take a look!!


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