Building an Online Presence

I found this assignment to be very helpful!! I looked into many different sites that could help me begin to help me build my online presence. I found a few of them to be a little confusing or less user friendly than others, so I decided to go with Google to help me. The Google site had great pre-made websites that helped me start the process. I used one of the web pages that was set up, but then changed lots of things so that it was personalized for me.
I think that by making this webpage I have learned how important it is to have an online presence. I made my page as if I were a classroom teacher and provided information that I think that parents and students would find helpful when visiting a teacher’s website. Since I have made this page, I feel that once I have my own classroom I can just modify it slightly to make it relevant to the classroom I will have.

Here is my website:


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